Old Music is Better

    Does anyone else hear new songs and say to yourself ‘What is this? It’s just noise!!’ 

    My name is Mike O’ Brien and I am approaching my mid-40s. I have a teenager who listens to pop music on these new noisy radio stations that have popped up in recent years. Very little of the new stuff does anything for my taste buds. An exception would be Dua Lupa. I know what you are going to say…… I can hear you say it. My wife who is about the same age has more knowledge of new music than I. She’s more down with the kids apparently. She said the exact same thing as you were going to say above. Old music, as it is seen now a days, is stuff like Ann Lee ‘2 Times’, Coolio ‘Gangstas Paradise’ to name but two. I had Freedom FM on during the week. ‘The boy’ heard Prodigy ‘No Good’.  He was a little impressed. He then played me a top ten single, the name of which escapes me now. It did nothing for me. Is it down the fact that music is and can be down to what you were doing in life when you heard it first? Is it a snapshot of being younger and more free? Surely there is an element of that at play. I bet you could think of three or four songs that bring you back to a long hot summer, an ex, or even a holiday you had with your mates. Go on have a think… I will wait…. We all have them.

    There is a new song now which is a remix of Boney M’s ‘Rasputin’; is this not the proof needed? Us presenters at Freedom FM have a WhatsApp group. It is a constant stream of music talk, and my opinion is always the same. The group tells me the same thing as my wife and what you were thinking at the start of this article. Yes …. I am turning in to a middle-aged man!! Still though… Old music is better.

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