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    Freedom FM is like a family, a grouping of 40 individuals who provide a wonderful array of skills free of charge to help make us the best 90s and 00s radio station out there. We do it because we adore it. We love providing you with the music of your youth, bringing you back to a time of hopefully fun, laughter, and care free adventure  - a time before work, mortgages and taxes. Remember those times?

    Following our recent broadcasts across Ireland on the FM band we were able to gauge that you agree, as you provided us with so many messages of good wishes and encouragement. We’d like to do it again, and continue to broadcast online, on app and on your smart speaker until such an opportunity comes our way again. Despite the generous gifting of time and energy by the team here, operating a radio station, be it online, or on FM does cost money and a lot of it too (just ask our Boss). We’ve proven over the past few years, many hands make light work, and that is why we’d like to give you the opportunity to help contribute to the future of Freedom FM by being able to donate whatever you can afford to help with the running of the station.  You can donate as a once off, or set up a regular donation feed; it’s your choice.

    You may think that your small donation won’t help, and so decide not to make one. We’d beg to differ. In fact, if 200 people donated the price of one cup of coffee each, we’d be able to cover our music rights fee for a whole year! That would really help us…and think about it, it would help the artists we play on air too!

    So go ahead, relive the 90s and 00s by supporting a radio station that continues to bring you back to a time you hopefully enjoyed. Click the Donate button today, and decide how you’d like to contribute to Freedom FM.

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