90s /00s Autumn nostalgia has arrived!

    We all know that nostalgia for the 90s and 00s has been in full bloom for a long time (why wouldn't it be? Those were the days right?) but its presence is here now more than ever with Autumn arriving.

    This time of year means getting our Aran jumpers out in every colour (big thanks to the Aunties and Grannies for those!), re-watching Gilmore Girls for the fifth time, putting on You've Got Mail with the queen of 90s Autumn herself Meg Ryan (don't you just love New York in the Fall?), and trying out all the different types of hot chocolates (because yes there is more than one these days).

    One thing we have always loved in Ireland is our walks, whether it’s a ramble with friends, a morning run, or a stroll to unwind, there's something about taking a walk and watching all those gorgeous autumnal colours around you. No matter what age you are, we all still love the sound of the crunchy leaves under our feet - the only thing to top it off is the perfect nostalgic playlist, and who did it better than the 90s/00s? There is a comfort like no other when you hear The Cranberries with ‘Dreams’, Sixpence None The Richer with ‘Kiss Me’ or The Las with ‘There She Goes’ that just feels like a familiar hug you can't get enough of. That's what we're here for at Freedom FM.

    They say when we listen to nostalgic music our minds recall the sound stored in our memory, but it will also conjure the other sensory memories that have been attached to it. It has the capacity to transport us to a certain time. So get the DVD player back out, find your copy of Practical Magic and put Savage Garden on- Ireland and Autumn are a match made in heaven, and at Freedom FM we can help you with that seven days a week.

    By Sorcha Herlihy

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