Anything Goes with Louise

    I started on Freedom, purely by chance. I was an avid listener, I plucked up the courage and called up Kyran Murray one Sunday, to request “Gala, Freed from Desire “; We clicked. Not long after, I was answering his phone for him! That was 1997, I was 14. Soon after, I was spinning shows, by myself. As luck would have it, the station Managers were on holiday, Mrs. Power came out to visit me, with a cup of tea and a penguin bar, she was the station Mom, with the patience of a saint and treated us all like her own kids. Each time I visit Ireland, I make sure I visit her for a cuppa. She suggested I do a link, I was petrified, but managed it. This might be news to the Managers today. Simon Davis offered me my own show, I started off doing Wednesday’s 2-4 pm and that evolved into eventually doing the chart show, Mondays 4-6 pm. Both were after school, so I’d always run for the bus and always be in my Presentation School uniform.

    I’ve met some of the best friends I have, through Freedom. I have nothing but fond, fun memories of the station. I grew up there; literally.

    Fast forward to 2020 and I think we all needed a little bit of a pick-me-up in our lives. They got the band back together; they started broadcasting again, this time, online. I was delighted to be asked and thrilled I could do it.

    I moved to Vancouver, BC, in 2011 and thankfully, we now possess the technology that allows me to be part of the crew again.

    My real-life took a completely different turn from radio, I originally began my career, working as a makeup artist in a retail setting, when I moved to BC, that evolved into Operations, I traded in my peep toes for some steel toes. Thankfully, I’ve now found a job that allows me to combine both cosmetics and operations ; I run a warehouse that distributes cosmetics , across Canada.

    I have 2 little boys, Max and Evan and 2 dogs, that we flew over from Ireland with us.

    I love the outdoors and I’ve discovered a new passion while living here; Mountain biking. I Can not get enough of it, so I’m truly grateful that I live in a place with some of the most challenging trails in the world.  These days, I mostly ride with Max, he’s on a special seat that allows him to shred the Gnar with me. We also love hiking, you’re never far from a trail, in beautiful B.C.  I have some solid friends here, my mom friends call ourselves “Moms Gone Mild” as the only late nights we have these days, are because of our kids.

    I met my husband, Paul, while working on freedom in 2002, I’ve kept him around. He’s ok, I guess.

    MomStrife came about from the madness that comes with parenting. MomLife didn’t feel appropriate; all too often, things don’t go to plan with kids (fur babies included!). Sometimes I sit back and look at the things that happen to us, as a family and think you couldn’t write this sh!t. so, I want to hear your stories! Let’s make each other laugh, let’s face it, if we don’t laugh, we might cry.

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