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    The Rock Show with Elaine

    I Joined the freedom FM crew when I was only about 17 years old. I sent in a letter ( yes, a letter, with like an actual pen) into the mark Brennan show asking him to play ” olive – you’re not alone”. Just so happens, my geography teacher at the time heard my request on the radio and told me she knew mark. Long story short, Mark Brennan and DJ power arranged for me to come down to the freedom FM studio to sit in on one of the shows. I was so quiet and shy at the time, but Louise Jordan took me under her wing. I started off answering the phones, then was given the task of reading requests on-air and eventually was given my own show. I remember my first ever live link. I was a nervous wreck, and I sounded it too. I don’t know how they let me go back on air after that  I think myself and Louise Jordan were actually barred from being present for each other shows as we were a pair of giddy Messer’s. Most of the time you would hear one of us giggling in the background during a live show, which was followed by an angry call by the station manager  ( Andy walker & Simon Davis, 41-year-old me is now very sorry ).

    Some of the best years of my life were my freedom FM years. I met some amazing people and being given a radio show really took me out of my shell. It gave me the confidence I didn’t have back then. I will be forever grateful to our station manager’s for the opportunity to be back on board again. Doing the rock show is something I really enjoy. I live for music…and not just rock/ metal. You’ll catch me listening to twenty one pilots a lot and not ashamed to admit I’m Kylie’s minogues number one fan since I was 10.

    I’m a huge ‘Devin Townsend fan’. His music just speaks to me on another level. He’s unreal. His talent just amazes me. His music and lyrics speak to my soul.

    Also a ‘faith no more fan’ and never miss a ‘ Jimmy eat world’ gig when they play in Dublin.

    I’m a big lover of cats and I actually don’t think I can manage to get through one single day without waffling on about my 6 furr babies ( you think that’s a lot, I started off with 11) . I shouldn’t have favourites, but Coco is my little shadow. She’s the most affectionate cat in the world. She really should be my co-host. She’s very vocal ya know.

    My other loves are horror films and true crime documentaries. My absolute favourite thing to do is go to a live gig. You just can’t beat the feeling you get when everyone comes together for the love of a particular band. The Devin Townsend gig I went to in 2019 was the best gig I’ve ever been to ( okay, okay, I’ll shut up about Devin) Also big into healing crystals and anything spiritual. Sometimes we all need to take some time out and be kind to ourselves don’t knock a bit of meditation until you have tried it.

    Anywho, hope you will join me for The rock show, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 pm

    My mission is to play a variety of rock and metal.

    Tuesdays is where we dedicate an hour of music to a particular band.

    Wednesday’s we bring you grunge and metal, and Thursday is where we wind it down a little with a mix of alternative rock.   

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