The Nightcruise with Feargal

    Feargal hosts the night cruise on Monday morning from 01.00 to 03.00, as well as Monday and Tuesday evening from 11.00 to 01.00.

    On the early morning Monday show you can tell Feargal what you got up to over the weekend as well as trying to guess what song he has slowed down.

    On Monday evening it’s your chance to mash up a celebrity, band or fictional charter’s name with a topical theme to make a pun to make us laugh with Monday Punday, as well as guessing what song a set of lyrics come from.

    And on Tuesday we celebrate everyone who is on the nightshift when we into some Tuesday shifting, as well as guessing what three songs are mashed up in the triple threat.

    Feargal started on Dublin radio back in the late 80s pirate days before moving to Germany, where as well as teaching he DJed in the chill rooms of night clubs around Hamburg.

    Feargal moved to the UK in the mid-90s and worked on local radio in Kent, and Sussex, while studding law.
    Though the 2000s and 2010s Feargal continued to broadcast on local radio, got into audiobook narration and voice acting work.

    Feargal moved back to Ireland during covid, and joined Freedom FM where he presents the Night Cruise.

    As well as the night cruise Feargal still narrates audiobooks, does voice acting work.
    In 2024 Feargal, together with a retired MI6 operative will be hosting a new true crime podcast.

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