Y2K Style

    There is a trend now hitting our stores known as Y2K (year 2000) ­­- also known as Kaybug. It’s recreating the late 90s and early-to-mid 00s fashion styles. Yes, indeed, with all its many faults and cringe worthy moments, it was a time that had a very distinctive style for both men and women.

    Denim. Guys and gals were encouraged to wear everything denim, and at once. Shirts, jeans, miniskirts, dresses, bags, even trainers and hats in denim. I even had a pair of denim kitten heels! The only item we may have got away with was our socks and thank the lord for that!  Guys, remember those baggies, stonewashed or indigo, and just low enough to show a hint of boxer? For the gals, we wore embroidered jeans or a pair with studs and/or jewels on the back pockets and with as low a waist as possible. We may have draped a belly chain to complete the look. Tight with a flared bootleg that was just long enough to reveal an extremely pointy-toe shoe, with either a stiletto or kitten heel. We can all thank those shoes for our bunions now ladies. Should have stayed in our UGG boots.

    Enter UGGS. This craze hit us in the early 00s. They were highly desirable as all the top celebrities wore them in every paparazzi shot. There was no other logical reason why we loved these so much, but oh, that slipper comfort. Buy calf length and roll them down to expose that inner fur. Wear with Boho dresses - thanks to Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, or simply with a denim miniskirt or jeans. To really capture that Britney, Christina, and WAG look, throw them on with a Juicy Couture Velour tracksuit. Preferably in pink or aqua. The word juicy bedazzled across your butt proved its authenticity. Might I add, this tracksuit and boot look was pricey.



    Logo maniacs were everywhere.  Massive designer logos splashed across everything as materialism took it’s hold during ‘the boom’. Of course, this was not possible for many of us teens or poor students, so we hit Penneys instead for their take on capturing these looks. Especially the accessories, for they had simply the best chokers and butterfly clips in every colour.

    Cargo pants – yes, are back. Not much we can say about those really.

    Trucker Caps. You can thank Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan and pretty much ever R’n’B artist for these. Men and women embraced them. They had to have some logo, usually garage related, or a motto splashed on them. It was their robustness and mesh back that made them distinctly different to a mere baseball cap.

    By the mid-to-late 00s these trends died off as recession hit. Fast fashion sadly took over and has adversely affected our planet. New trends have emerged over a twenty-year period and yet - Y2K is here.

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